AA DxP Oil Palm Seeds

SIRIM & MPOB Licensed Seeds

AA DxP seeds and seedlings are licensed by SIRIM and MPOB.

Superior Pedigree Seeds

AA DxP seeds are produced from selected dura and pisifera parents derived from superior pedigrees, which are featured in the best DxP seeds produced locally and internationally.

Ulu Remis Deli duras are known for their uniform high yield and good oil extraction characteristics. La Me and Dabou Deli duras have been selected for high bunch weight, good oil extraction and short stature. In the production of AA DxP seeds, attempts are made to combine the best attributes of these pedigrees to give rise to palms with high oil yield and a small palm stature, important attributes in our increasingly scarce and costly labour market.
AA DxP pisifera parents inherit the high bunch yield characteristic of S27B, AVROS and Yangambi, the high oil extraction of AVROS and Yangambi and the short stature of the Dumpy and the Yangambi parents.

The next generation of AA pisiferas (Dy.Ybi.AVROS) will combine the best features of Dy.AVROS and Ybi.AVROS pisiferas.