AA Hybrida (Oil Palm Seeds)

AA Hybrida IS Logo   AA Hybrida IS is a semi-clonal DxP hybrid culminated through more than 40 years of breeding, selection and improvement over a pedigree of elite clonal Deli Dura and Dumpy Yangambi AVROS Pisifera. It confers desirable traits of slow height increment from our Dumpy lineage and high oil yield from selected planting materials of high bunch number and moderate bunch size.

By cloning the elite Deli Dura, we created exact copies of the maternal palms for large scale production of semi-clonal palms that are uniform, stable in high yield and produces more bunches with 22% higher oil yield compared to our first generation DxP Dumpy AVROS.

AA Hybrida IS Dura Lineage

AA Hybrida IS Dura Lineage

AA Hybrida IS Pisifera Lineage

AA Hybrida IS Pisifera Lineage

Characteristics of AA Hybrida IS

  • Semi-clonal in origin
  • Uniform in vegetative growth
  • More than 27% oil to bunch and 9 t/ha/yr in potential yield
  • About 55 cm/year of slow trunk-height increment
  • Moderately high in bunch number and moderately large in bunch size
  • Over 99% purity (less than 1% Dura contamination)

Performance of AA Hybrida IS

AA Hybrida IS Legitimacy Assessment Trunk Height Increment of AA Hybrida 1S

Production Capacity

Our seed production laboratory in Paloh, Johor is built and equipped to produce up to 8 million saleable seeds per year while our smaller lab in Tawau, Sabah has a capacity to produce another 2 million saleable seeds per year. For the past 5 years, we have sold 7 to 8 million AA Hybrida 1S germinated seeds annually and captured between 15 and 20% oil palm seeds market share in Malaysia. In recent years, our planting materials have also been exported to Thailand, India, Sri Lanka and Guatemala.

We maintain stringent quality control measures at all crucial steps of production to ensure only the highest quality seeds are produced for planting. Our seeds are laser-engraved and critical steps of packaging are monitored with CCTVs to ensure only legitimate and authentic planting materials are delivered to our customers.

AA Hybrida IS – Superior semi-clonal oil palm seeds, (Tomorrow’s Oil Palm Today)

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