AAR Annual Dinner 2005

AAR Sports Club recently held its 2005 Annual Dinner. Over 300 members and their families attended the colourful event. Different sections of the company presented dances that brought everyone back to the nostalgic ’70s. Several research officers presented a series of songs, with Dr. Soh leading the last song, the “Rhinestone Cowboy”. Awards were presented to the faithful and well deserved employees.

Group from Paloh substation doing their twists, rock and body shakes of the 70’s.

Part of AAR crowd, clad in their best and colourful attires of the 70’s, waiting for dinner to be served.

‘Tai Ko’ Soh and Teo (in dark glasses) leading their herds with renditions of “Rhinestone Cowboy”.

Group from tissue culture lab performing the winning dance “Aneka 70’s” (a mixture of western, oriental and truly Malaysian style).