AAR Annual Dinner 2006

AAR sports club recently held its 2006 annual dinner together with AAR 20th anniversary celebration. AAR directors and over 300 members as well as their families attended this wonderful celebration. The magician who performed fantastic magic shows brought a magic night to us. The group from different sections of the company presented dances and a series of songs to make the dinner memorable to all of us. Awards ware presented to the faithful employees and lucky draw prizes were given to the lucky winners.

This was AAR 20th anniversary cake cutting ceremony. From left to right: Dr. Kee (Deputy Head of Agricultural Resources), Dr. Soh (Head of Agricultural Research) and Mr. Goh (Deputy Head of Agricultural Research).

Everyone was so excited that the balloons was falling down onto the floor.

The magician was trying to eat the fire. It was a magic!

The group from different sections performed their talents on the stage.