AAR Newsletters

Aug 2021

  • Remembering Dr. Philip Bernard Tinker
  • Adieu, Farewell — Till We Meet Again, Mr. Patrick
  • Game Changer: Getting Smart with Fertilizer Spreaders

May 2017

  • Oil Palm and The Number 42
  • AAR Social News
  • AAR New Recruits

September 2016

  • OIL PALM 101: Everything you need to know about oil palm, exclusively written by the oil palm gurus
  • AAR Social News
  • AAR New Recruits

March 2016

  • Ganoderma boninense: A rich source of its own enemies
  • Feeding Behaviour of Metisa plana Walker (Lepidoptera: Psychidae) in Lab Condition and size estimation at each life stages of wild population in an estate in Johor
  • AAR Social News

October 2015

  • CAPTURS: An Automatic Palm Tree Counting System
  • Potential Carbon Stock and Management of Carbon in Oil Palm Plantations on Mineral Soils
  • The Growing of Oil Palm : Where are We?
  • AARSRC Highlights 2015
  • PT AARI Social News
  • AAR Social News

December 2014

  • Genotype Effect on Oil Palm Tissue Culture Callogenesis and Embryogenesis
  • ISO Quality Management System in AAR Tissue Culture Laboratory
  • AAR Sports Club News
  • AAR New Recruits

April 2014

  • Nursery Practical Guide: Identifying abnormal seedlings/ramets in the nursery
  • Culling abnormal palms in young fields
  • Symptoms caused by Potassium (K) deficiency, Pesta-Lotiopsis leaf spot disease & genetic orange spotting (GOS)
  • AA+ MULCH: A smart way to raise healthy & uniform young palms in the field
  • AAR Social News

September 2013

  • Remote sensing & digital technologies for plantation management
  • Sustainable oil palm industry revisited
  • AAR New recruits
  • AAR Social News

February 2013

  • Message from Mr. Goh Kah Joo (Director of Research, AAR)
  • Message from Dr. Kee Khan Kiang (President Director, PT AARI)
  • Integration of Biotechnological Procedures into AAR Crop Improvement, Plant-Pathogen Interaction and Efficient Nutrient Uptake for Oil Palm.
  • AAR Social News

September 2010

  • Benchmarking Best Performing Semi-clonal Seeds Against Tenera Clones: Avenue for Superior Ortet Identification
  • AAR Tissue Culture Laboratory ISO 9001:2008 Certification Celebration
  • Official Opening of AAR-UNMC Biotechnology Research Centre
  • AAR Soil Correlation Tour 2010
  • AAR Agronomy Training 2009
  • PT AARI 2nd Annual General Meeting 2009
  • PT AARI Refresher Course
  • Social and Personal

April 2010

  • Editorial
  • Major Pests of Oil Palm
  • Census for Pest Monitoring in Oil Palm Plantations: Some Basic Concepts
  • Pest and Disease Training
  • Conquering Mount Kinabalu
  • Social and Personal

October 2009

  • Fertiliser Management and Productivity of Oil Palm in Malaysia
  • A Site Selection – land suitability

May 2009

  • Special Issue – Remembrance and Tribute to Mdm. Ho Yuk Wah
  • Condolences
  • Editorial
  • New Recruits
  • Promotions

December 2008

  • Biotechnological Approaches in Producing Oil Palm Planting Material
  • Official opening of AAR Tissue Culture Laboratory
  • Social and Personal

December 2007

  • Turning POME and EFB into organic fertilizer without waste and discharge
  • Abstracts from published papers
  • Social and Personal

May 2007

  • Message from Dr. Kee Khan Kiang
  • Mucuna bracteata: a cover crop and living green manure
  • Social and Personal

October 2006

  • Use of short cuts to extend the lifespan of PB 260 – By Chan Weng Hoong
  • Social and Personal

April 2006

  • New perspective for rubber planting in a large plantation group – By Chan Weng Hong
  • Impact of phosphate rock and legume planting system on P uptake and dry matter production of Mucuna Bracteata under oil palm – By Patrick Ng, H.C., Goh, K. J., Gan, H. H. and Zaharah, A. R.
  • Social and Personal

October 2005

  • How much to pay for clonal oil palm? – By Ooi Ling Hoak
  • Evaluation of gaseous stimulation systems for rubber – By Chan Weng Hong
  • Social and Personal

April 2005

  • Use of mobile GIS to enchance estate management – By Tey Seng Heng & Heng Yong Choon
  • Highlights of International Rubber Research and Development Board (IRRDB) Conference in Kun Ming, China (6-12 September 2004) – By Chan Weng Hong
  • Special advisory note on production of budsticks from mature rubber trees – By Chan Weng Hong
  • Social and Personal

October 2004

  • Some pulverisation techniques of clearing old palms for replanting
  • AAR forestry project – By Chan Weng Hong
  • Some notes on Mucuna bracteata, a new shade tolerant legume – By Teo Chor Boo
  • Woman over 30!

April 2004

  • Application of geographic information technologies in plantation crops – By Tey Seng Heng
  • Experiences and lessons from oil palm clonal evaluation trials and commerical test plantings – By Tan C.C.,Wong G., Soh A.C., Hor T.Y., Chong S.P. and Gopal K.
  • Special advisory note on the management of Potassium deficiency in mature oil palms – By Curtis Tan
  • Current outlook for investment in rubber – By Chan Weng Hong
  • Social and Personal

October 2003

  • Direct application of empty fruit bunches (EFB) to mature oil palm fields – By Ooi Ling Hoak, P. Kodiappan and P. Muthukumaran
  • Introducing beneficial plants as part of an integrated pest management (IPM) strategy in oil palm plantations – By Teo Chor Boo
  • Special advisory note on management of Magnesium deficiency in mature oil palms – By Asraf Mohamad Idrus
  • AAR Indonesian substation – By Heriansyah
  • Course on vehicle maintenance and safe driving – By Teo Chor Boo
  • Social and Personal

March 2003

  • Characteristics of peat and its nutritional requirements for oil palm cultivation – By Arif Sugandi
  • Control of termite infestation in oil palms on peat – AAR advisory article
  • Special advisory note on management of B deficiency in mature oil palm – By Kee Khan Kiang
  • Social and Personal

September 2002

  • Field Day cum Official Opening at Paloh Substation on 10 October 2002

October 2001

  • Nursery Practises for production of superior oil palm planting materials
  • Esigel
  • Special advisory note on panel notation in Rubber
  • Social and Personal

April 2001

  • Innovations to management practices in oil palm estate
  • Fully mechanised sulphur dusting to control Oidium SLF
  • Social and Personal

November 2000

  • An Improved Field Practice and Mechanisation of FFB Evacuation and Manuring in Oil Palm Plantations
  • Expected Genetic Improvements in Oil Palm Planting Materials
  • Applicability of precision farming for oil palm plantations in Malaysia
  • Social and Personal

May 2000

  • Causes of Outbreak and Failure to control bagworms in oil palm
  • The Effect of Prolonged Disbudding of Early Yield of Oil Palm
  • Social and Personal

January 2000

  • Speech by Aik Chin at Poh soon’s farewell dinner
  • Planter’s Toolbox in the 21st Century
  • Water Cycling and Balance in mature Oil Palm Agroecosystem in Malaysia
  • Advances in Oil Palm Agronomic Recommendations
  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM) for Management in Plantation Crops
  • The Potential of LANDSAT TM Remote Sensing Images for Oil Palm estate management
  • 1999 AAR Sports Club Highlights

October 1999

  • Fertiliser Management in Oil Palm – Agronomic Principles and Field Practices
  • Social and Personal

May 1999

  • Yield Improvement Project
  • Social and Personal

January 1999

  • An Update of the Oil Palm Industry Low OER problems
  • Liquid suspension culture-a potential technique for mass production of OP clones
  • An integrated weed management system for Asystasia gangetica sup. Micrantha in OP estates
  • Acclimatisation and handling of OP tissue cultured plantlets for large scale commercial production
  • Social and Personal

October 1998

  • Optimising Return from Fertiliser for Oil Palms:An Integrated Agronomic Approach

May 1998

  • A Short Note on Effective Service in the Private sector
  • A Career in Development in Plantation Crops
  • Integrated Nutrient Management for sustaining high yields of Plantation tree crops in Tropical Asia
  • Applications of Global Positioning System and Geographical Information System in Oil Palm Estates
  • Abstracts of Paper submitted for 1998 IOPRI Conference
  • Social and Personal

January 1998

  • 1997 AARSB Sports Club Dinner and roll of honour
  • Impacts of the Current Currency fluctuations on Oil Palm estates
  • The Effect of light, fertiliser and planting density on the growth and flowering of Asystica gangetica subsp. Micrantha
  • Social and Personal

October 1997

  • Oil Palm Breeding and Tissue Culture
  • Rubber Agronomy
  • Oil Palm Agronomy
  • Techno-Economic and Management
  • Plant Protection
  • Information and Management
  • Soil Survey
  • Plantation Forestry
  • Social and Personal

May 1997

  • Prospect for Precision Plantation Practices in Oil Palm
  • Social and Personal

January 1997

  • 1996 AARSB Sports Club annual dinner and roll of honour
  • Abstracts of papers submitted for 1997 International Planters Conference
  • AAR Sports Club News
  • Social and Personal

May 1996

  • AAR Seminar/Field day
  • Analysis of 1991 to 1995 cocoa yields
  • Assist: An Expert system to identify soil series

January 1996

  • Run-off and erosion studies- PM75 Balau
  • Herbicide phytotoxicity on oil palm
  • Clonal propagation programme at AAR
  • Global information system(GIS) and global positioning system(GPS) for plantations
  • Current status of trials on AAR jacket system of exploitation in rubber
  • Rubber Growers’ Conference
  • Direct application of phosphate rocks to plantation tree crops in Malaysia
  • Social and Personal

October 1995

  • Mechanisation of fertiliser application in OP
  • Comparison between Sime and Guthrie poles
  • Integrated in-field ffb collection and direct loading systems
  • A new technique of leguminous cover crop (LCC) establishment
  • Use of slow/controlled release fertilizers in OP nursery
  • Palm kernel shell (PKS) and cocopeat as light weight planting medium in OP nursery
  • Comparison of slow/controlled released fertilisers in rubber nursery
  • Social and personal

January 1995

  • As you sow so shall you reap
  • Safe use of Furadan and pesticides
  • Danum valley
  • Trash Removal in Oil Palm loose fruits
  • Social and Personal

May 1995

  • Industry’s low OER problems – impact outlook and implications
  • Social and Personal

October 1994

  • An integrated site specific fertiliser recommendation system (INFERS) for high production in mature oil palms
  • Prospective solution to current problems in Hevea exploitation in a large group of estates
  • Sustainability of Oil palm Plantations in Malaysia as assessed by a Framework Approach
  • Maximising and maintaining Oil Palm yield on commercial scale in Malaysia
  • Oil Palm Breeding : The previous and the next 50 years
  • Characterisation of phosphate rock reactivity and implications on manuring practices in Malaysia
  • Commercial yield performance of Oil Palm in Sabah, Malaysia
  • Genetic improvement of plantation crops in Malaysia
  • Comparative performance of plantation companies listed on KLSE
  • Further advances in agronomic management of Oil Palm plantations
  • Utilization of PORIM’s Nigerian prospected materials. Very preliminary results of crosses of Nigerian dura and tenera – selections with AAR’s selected duras and teneras/pisiferas
  • The need for soil information to optimise Oil Palm yields
  • Primary production of cocoa
  • An integrated fertiliser management system for Oil Palm
  • Investigation into Manganese deficiency in mature oil palms (E.guineensis) in Malaysia
  • Fertilizer analysis cross-checks in Malaysia 1992-93
  • Social

October 1993

  • Highlights Of Research – Rubber
  • Highlights Of Research – Cocoa
  • Highlights Of Research – Coconut
  • Highlights Of Research – Oil Palm
  • Highlights Of Research – Miscellaneous
  • Abstracts Of AAR Technical Papers

July 1993

  • Production of Oil Palm plantlets through Tissue Culture
  • Clonal Oil Palm practices
  • Production of AA DxP seeds
  • Controlled Pollination Procedures
  • Preparation, storage and germination of OP seeds
  • Illegitimate Contamination of Commercial DxP seeds

January 1993

  • Oil Palm breeding
  • Abnormalities in Clonal Oil Palms

October 1992

  • Rat Baits
  • Micropopagation of pineapple through tissue culture
  • Tissue culture for orchids
  • Laboratory services
  • Rubber Rainguard
  • Oil Palm Breeding & Seed production

May 1992

  • ISOP International workshop
  • Reflections – Mina Salleh
  • General News-House

January 1992

  • 1991 International Conferences – Highlights

October 1991

  • Crop news – 1990 Yield Analysis
  • Vetiver Grass Cover
  • Feedback

May 1991

  • Crop news – Are high cocoa yields possible in AAR advisory estates?
  • Highlights of Workshop – “Phosphate sources for Acid soils in the humid tropics of Asia
  • Home News – Pride of AAR & The Sg.Buloh Tragedy

January 1991

  • Guest articles – R & D of pesticides
  • Pesticide safety and handling
  • Pesticides Regulation
  • Sulphur Dusting on Oidium in Rubber

October 1990

  • AAR Research Highlights
  • Cocoa Production cost in N. Sumatra

May 1990

  • Analysis of 1989 Oil Palm yields of AAR advisory estates
  • 3rd International conference on Crop Protection in the Tropics

January 1990

  • Assessing Results
  • Analysis of 1989 Cocoa yields
  • 1989 Performance of AAR’s Rubber Advisory Estates

October 1989

  • Managing For Super Oil Palm New Planting
  • Reduction In Period of Immaturity in Rubber
  • Immaturity Period and High Early yield cocoa

May 1989

  • Analysis of Crop yields
  • Production of Cost Equation in Cocoa
  • Fertiliser Briefs

January 1989

  • Regional Rainfall pattern
  • The Biotechological Explosion
  • Plant BioTech’88

October 1988

  • The choice of a foliar fertiliser
  • National Oil Palm Fertiliser
  • Survey of Rat bait prices

May 1988

  • Editorial-The Third Crop Cocoa
  • Some Agronomic problems in the Sandakan Cocoa Estates
  • BioTechnology Upgraded Oils
  • AAR Cocoa Research programmes

January 1988

  • Why Our Own R & D programme?
  • AAR Research programmes
  • Rubber’s Growers Conference

October 1987

  • 1987 International Conference
  • Revised International Notation for Exploitation Systems in Rubber
  • Taiko Plantations Managers’ Conference
  • Urea-Tech 1987

May 1987

  • Excellence in Agronomic Service
  • AAR Recommendations of Rubber Clones: Are you ready for Urea?
  • Crop news: Oil Palm Yield Trends: Cocoa Cropping Pattern in Sandakan
  • P&D News:Pest Control Profile – Leaf eating caterpillars
  • Conference News:Management of the Cocoa Pod Borer

January 1987

  • Articles: Positive Responses to very low palm oil prices. MAWA coconut make the difference
  • Rubber Growers’ Conference 1986
  • IDS Seminar 1986
  • The AA Team