AAR Sports Club Family Day cum Trip to Malacca & AFamosa

Four bus loads of AAR staff and family members, including one bus from Paloh substation had the most enjoyable and memorable trip to Malacca and AFamosa Resort in Alor Gajah from 25-26 July 2009. What made it memorable must be when our bus got stuck on the slope just as we were leaving the office complex. We managed to scramble out of the bus quickly as the bus looked like it was overloaded and might just toppled over. Looked at the wheel near to the drain!

With the help from the other bus drivers, we continued our journey half an hour later. Well, it’s better late than never.

Hey, don’t you think you are standing a bit too close?

Drivers from the other bus lending a helping hand

Having arrived at the newly crowned World Heritage city around mid noon, we went our separate ways. Some to the historical sites, some scouted for their favourite food while others browsed the many stalls for souvenirs that lined the shops and streets.

We left Malacca at around 3.00 p.m and headed for Alor Gajah where we checked into our Condomium at AFamosa Resort. The rooms were clean and spacious with a large living area where we lazed around, drinking free coffee and sipping tea and watched Astro. Some went to swim at the swimming pool atop the condo or took a walk around the resort.

Then it was time to head to the Cowboy town for our buffet dinner and a great night of shows and entertainment.

Inside the cowboy town, there were also many interesting souvenir and food stalls, fun fair with games, kart racing, stage shows with traditional dances to keep us occupied in between the breaks.

The shows ended with the letting off of fireworks. An explosion of colors lit up the starry starry night.

The next morning ….breakfast before the kill

Dr. Kee giving a welcoming speech amidst a sea of reds, before the games kicked off at the AFamosa Sports and Recreational field....

the adults practising their winnowing? ……Come mon…..higher, higher. children having fun too.

Waking up the Mummies n…n…. THE Return of the MUMMIES..   

Look at the queue… they dont need to go to London for a horse-drawn carriage ride.

and after all the fun, the shouting and cheering..all things must come to an end but….

In the afternoon: Encounters with the Wild Wild West at the Animal World Safari

Lastly, meet the AAR Sports Club Committee:

Left from back to front: Sim, Zul, Noi, Masni, Soleha, Julie (Contributor)