AAR Sports Day 2013

It’s Girls’ Power at the Netball tournament held @AAR Tissue Culture Lab, Ijok. The players donned their team colors of yellow, pink, red and blue, played their hearts out to beat their opponents. Supporters huddled under big canopies & umbrellas sat on the field cheering their favourite team. Amongst them was Mr. Tan Cheng Chua, who braved the blazing sun, giving his strong support for the netball team. He later presented prizes to winners and players.

A Futsal tournament was played at the indoor Tropical Badminton Academy on Saturday, 16/3/13. The men and ladies team from AARSC pitted against each other. Despite aching feet with all the dribbling and running, it was a good time for everyone. Besides vying for the medals, it was a great workout for the participants away from their normal office routine.