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Data & Information Management Services

AAR has a comprehensive data and information management system that stores extensive field-scale agronomic data of oil palm plantations. We are among the first few in the industry that started building a digital database to store historical field data of oil palms in computers when the first graphic interphase Machintosh was introduced in Malaysia late 1980s.

Our relational database management system (AEGIS) stores geo-referenced historical field data and details of factors affecting the potential yield of given sites. It is supplemented with an Integrated Fertiliser Recommendation System (INFERS) that predicts palm growth and calculate required fertilisers site-specifically to optimise use of resources and achieve sustainable yield improvement.

There are two main functions falling under the purview of this section:

  1. Information Management System (IMS) – Gathering, compiling, storing and analysing agronomic data of commercial fields and research data/records of experimental plots.
  2. Information Communication Technology (ICT) – Developing data sharing and information retrieving and viewing platforms to assist agronomists in their advisory work. With new technologies of the IR4.0, this sub-section is also tasked to evaluate and deploy or fabricate sensors, cameras and smart dataloggers to acquire intensive real-time or near real-time data/information for planning and monitoring.

Another unique aspect of our system is the incorporation of a model (ASYP) that compute the Site Yield Potential of any given field for our agronomists and client estates to achieve with corrective inputs. Leveraging the technologies of the IR4.0, our IMS is being augmented with time series spatial data useful for change detection, planning of planting and monitoring of palm growth. It is essentially designed to empower decision makers making data-driven and informed decisions.

Biotechnology Analytical Services

We offer reliable services in DNA purification i.e., isolation of high-quality DNA from oil palm for downstream analysis and SSR genotyping for authentication and illegitimacy test.

High throughput SSR genotyping for oil palm legitimacy and clonal fidelity analysis are the major molecular genetic services in our Biotech Lab. We are experienced in genotyping infrastructure, SSR marker screening and genetic polymorphism analysis. We provide cost-effectiveness, reliable and precise screening services to distinguish oil palm genotypes. Our current SSR genotyping services cover marker-assisted selection of oil palms for field planting, characterisation of genetic variation and classification of germplasm, accurate legitimacy test and parental identification of planting materials with unknown origins.

P&D and Microbiology Lab Diagnostic Services

We have a team of trained personnel to tackle serious pest and disease problems of oil palms. Our team of specialists are skillful in both field and lab diagnosis of pests, pathogens as well as beneficial microbes at molecular levels. We are offering commercial services in enumeration, isolation, identification and detection of enzyme activities of microorganisms.

Services include:

  • Species identification via DNA-PCR amplification for bacteria, fungi and rodents
  • Insect CO1 analysis and taxonomic curation & identification
  • Enumeration of total heterotrophic bacteria and fungi in biofertilisers
  • Enumeration of nitrogen fixing bacteria, phosphate and potassium solubilising bacteria in biofertilisers
  • Screening and quantification of IAA-activity by individual PGPR isolates in biofertilisers

AA Vitroa I (Oil Palm Ramet)

AA Vitroa I Logo   AA Vitroa I – owing to the success of our first commercial planting of clonal palms in 1997, we decided to set up a commercial tissue culture laboratory in 2008 to scale up production of ramets. Located in Ijok, Selangor, our 35,000 square feet laboratory was built with an annual production capacity of 1 million saleable ramets. Over the past 30 years, we fine-tuned our protocols and tested the performance of our clonal palms in both experimental plots and commercial fields. As of 2020, our high oil-bearing clones have been planted on more than 69,000 hectares of oil palm fields in our principals’ and clients’ estates in Malaysia.

We are recognised as one of the leading experts in oil palm tissue culture. Commercially known as AA Vitroa I, our clonal palms are low in overall mantling rate (< 5%) and high in oil to bunch (> 28%). More than 24% of high oil extraction rates (OER) were consistently achieved when tested in commercial palm oil mills.

Performance of AA Vitroa I

  • 8% higher fresh fruit bunch (FFB) compared to DxP in field trials *
  • 20% higher oil yield (OY) compared to DxP in field trials *
  • Consistent high OER of above 24% when tested in commercial mills **
  • Desirable vegetative palm characteristics: Slim petioles, slow height increment and uniform in growth to ease harvesting burden.
  • All ramets are produced under stringent quality control of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

*   Recorded at various trial sites; averaged from at least 5 years’ yield data
**  Recorded at 4 different mills; crops for clonal data include bunches of young plantings, scout harvesting and 20% DxP palms.

Mill Test Run of OER Comparing AA Vitroa I and Mixed DXP

AA Vitroa I is the product of stringent selection process and our many years of experience as well as long-standing expertise in oil palm tissue culturing. Cloning will allow the industry to reduce yield fluctuation common to the heterogenous DxP. Plantations with palm oil mills will certainly benefit from planting of our high oil-bearing AA Vitroa I.

AA DxP Oil Palm Seeds

SIRIM & MPOB Licensed Seeds

AA DxP seeds and seedlings are licensed by SIRIM and MPOB.

Superior Pedigree Seeds

AA DxP seeds are produced from selected dura and pisifera parents derived from superior pedigrees, which are featured in the best DxP seeds produced locally and internationally.

Ulu Remis Deli duras are known for their uniform high yield and good oil extraction characteristics. La Me and Dabou Deli duras have been selected for high bunch weight, good oil extraction and short stature. In the production of AA DxP seeds, attempts are made to combine the best attributes of these pedigrees to give rise to palms with high oil yield and a small palm stature, important attributes in our increasingly scarce and costly labour market.
AA DxP pisifera parents inherit the high bunch yield characteristic of S27B, AVROS and Yangambi, the high oil extraction of AVROS and Yangambi and the short stature of the Dumpy and the Yangambi parents.

The next generation of AA pisiferas (Dy.Ybi.AVROS) will combine the best features of Dy.AVROS and Ybi.AVROS pisiferas.

AA Hybrida (Oil Palm Seeds)

AA Hybrida IS Logo   AA Hybrida IS is a semi-clonal DxP hybrid culminated through more than 40 years of breeding, selection and improvement over a pedigree of elite clonal Deli Dura and Dumpy Yangambi AVROS Pisifera. It confers desirable traits of slow height increment from our Dumpy lineage and high oil yield from selected planting materials of high bunch number and moderate bunch size.

By cloning the elite Deli Dura, we created exact copies of the maternal palms for large scale production of semi-clonal palms that are uniform, stable in high yield and produces more bunches with 22% higher oil yield compared to our first generation DxP Dumpy AVROS.

AA Hybrida IS Dura Lineage

AA Hybrida IS Dura Lineage

AA Hybrida IS Pisifera Lineage

AA Hybrida IS Pisifera Lineage

Characteristics of AA Hybrida IS

  • Semi-clonal in origin
  • Uniform in vegetative growth
  • More than 27% oil to bunch and 9 t/ha/yr in potential yield
  • About 55 cm/year of slow trunk-height increment
  • Moderately high in bunch number and moderately large in bunch size
  • Over 99% purity (less than 1% Dura contamination)

Performance of AA Hybrida IS

AA Hybrida IS Legitimacy Assessment Trunk Height Increment of AA Hybrida 1S

Production Capacity

Our seed production laboratory in Paloh, Johor is built and equipped to produce up to 8 million saleable seeds per year while our smaller lab in Tawau, Sabah has a capacity to produce another 2 million saleable seeds per year. For the past 5 years, we have sold 7 to 8 million AA Hybrida 1S germinated seeds annually and captured between 15 and 20% oil palm seeds market share in Malaysia. In recent years, our planting materials have also been exported to Thailand, India, Sri Lanka and Guatemala.

We maintain stringent quality control measures at all crucial steps of production to ensure only the highest quality seeds are produced for planting. Our seeds are laser-engraved and critical steps of packaging are monitored with CCTVs to ensure only legitimate and authentic planting materials are delivered to our customers.

AA Hybrida IS – Superior semi-clonal oil palm seeds, (Tomorrow’s Oil Palm Today)

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Your Solution To Higher Profitability

ESIGEL is a superior product for latex stimulation based on improved formulation of ethephon prepared by Applied Agricultural Resources Sdn. Bhd.. This formulation incorporating amendments, enhances the efficiency of ethephon by early release of ethylene gas into the tree system.

Using the groove technique of application, ESIGEL was found to give a higher yield response than traditional ethephon formulations. As price of ESIGEL is competitive and comparable with traditional ethephon formulations, a yield advantage may be obtained at no extra cost.

ESIGEL is available in 2.5%, 5.0% and 10.0% ready to use formulations. Guildlines for use of ESIGEL are given in the labels. It should however be borne in mind that yield response to ESIGEL will depend on several other factors i.e type of clone, age of material, tapping system, nutritional status of the trees, etc.


Another Labour Saving Innovation for Practical Planters
Do you have a large replant and have difficulty in keeping up with your circle weeding and frequent manuring rounds in your immature oil palm areas? If you have, AA MULCH™ will help you to:
  • Reduce circle weeding for the first 18-24 months, therebysaving on labour and materials
  • Save on fertilizer application as one application lasts up to 14 months* (Similar to application of slow release fertilizers)
  • Reduce fertilizer loss
  • Avoid chemical phytotoxicity and scorching of palm leaves, resulting in better palm growth and high early yields

* Depends on soil type and rainfall

AA MULCH™ can also help you to:

  • Conserve soil moisture
  • Obtain better growth especially in areas with extreme climate eg. very low or very high rainfall
  • Give better growth than EFB mulching on poor shallow soils such as lateritic and very sandy areas
AA MULCH™ (Malaysian patent and trademark pending) is a specially designed modified polythene sheet used in a system of mulching oil palm to minimise circle weeding and frequent fertilizer application.

Laboratory Analytical & Diagnostic Services

AAR maintains a specialist team of Research Officers and technicians to carry out the following comprehensive analytical and diagnostic services needed to support its agronomic advisory work and supplementary adhoc studies which are needed by its Principals and Clients:

1. AAR Field Diagnostic Services
2. AAR Chemistry Laboratory Analysis Services
3. AAR GIS and Remote Sensing Services
4. AAR P&D and Microbiology Lab Diagnostic Services
5. AAR Biotechnology Analytical Services
6. AAR Data & Information Management Services

AAR Field Diagnostic Services

Specially trained AAR staff visit the advisory estates annually to assess palm growth and sample the leaves (and where appropriate, the rachis) and soils with specified standard sampling techniques for chemical analysis. The results are used to diagnose growth and nutrient deficiencies and formulate annual fertiliser recommendations and required corrective inputs. All the diagnostic data, fertilisers applied and yield achieved are collected and stored in AAR’s extensive Agronomic Advisory Database.

Supplementary field observations including drainage status, ground vegetation conditions, field accessibility, pest attacks and disease infections requiring improvements are made as well.

AAR technicians are now equipped with handheld digital recorders to collect geo-referenced field data and sampling details directly for improved integrity and accuracy of data collected.

AAR Chemistry Laboratory

Our commercial chemistry laboratory has been in operation since 1986. We have a team of experienced lab assistants specialize in a wide range of chemical and physical testing for plants and soils and fertilisers. Besides our principals (KLK Berhad and Boustead Plantations Berhad), we also provide commercial nutrient analysis services to external plantation clients and fertilizer companies from Southeast Asia and Oceania Regions.

Our laboratory is MS ISO/ISE 17025:2017 accredited under the Laboratory Accreditation Scheme of Malaysia (SAMM). All our lab personnel are proficient and well-versed in various spectroscopic and analytical techniques necessary to deliver results of the highest quality to our clients. We have a strict legislation to ensure compliance of standard laboratory operating techniques, safety and process assurance of good laboratory practices.

The accuracy and consistency of our chemical analysis results are constantly attested in the Proficiency Testing (PT) Programme held locally and internationally. At the international level of interlaboratory comparison, our testing performance has continued to be accredited by the Wageningen University International Plant Analytical Exchange. We also subscribe to the PT programme established by the Agriculture Laboratory Association of Malaysia (AgLAM) for plant, soil, fertilizer and compost.

We have long been recognised as one of the leading chemistry laboratories in Malaysia. While our reputation in the agricultural industry has been established for more than three decades, we remain committed to deliver precise, accurate, timely and quality results of the highest constancy to our clients.

Average number of leaf, soil, fertiliser and other samples the Chemistry lab analysed in the past 5 years:

Average number of leaf, soil, fertiliser and other samples the Chemistry lab analysed in the past 5 years

Sample preparation for fertiliser testing

Sample preparation for fertiliser testing

Nutrient content determination using NIR

Nutrient content determination
using NIR

Fertiliser nutrient analysis with ICP-OES technique

Fertiliser nutrient analysis with ICP-OES technique

GPS/GIS and Remote Sensing Services

AAR continues to study and develop applications with digital spatial technologies, particularly in GIS, GPS, Remote Sensing and more recently, drones for oil palm research, management and diagnostics.

The GIS and Remote Sensing Services provided to our agronomists and Agronomic Advisory clients include:

  1. Basic digital mapping tailored toward enhancing the ability of users to retrieve relevant spatial data and information needed for planning, monitoring of agronomic and management quality and variability as well as ascertaining improvement required in a timely manner.
  2. Capturing high-resolution aerial images with drones, producing accurate digital field maps, performing semi-automated palm stands counting, pin-pointing palms with sub-optimal growth for correction, vacancies for supplying and crowded palms for thinning.
  3. On-demand services such as digital terrain/elevation modelling and retrieval of terrain data for planning and construction of roads, drainage scheme and planting terraces.

These geo-referenced image-data and digital maps enhance our ability to be site-specific in our approaches, optimise our agro-management inputs, maximise yields, profitability and labour productivity in environmentally friendly and sustainable manners. Within field variations in palm growth and yield are ascertained for ground checks and improvement over time can be practically assessed and quantified. Development is in progress to capture time series big spatial data with emerging technologies of IR 4.0. We are keen to work with individuals or organizations capable of developing artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and pattern-recognition based applications to identify trends and patterns and retrieve hidden information for decision-making.

Product samples of our customized services are illustrated below. Additional GIS and RS services and analyses or studies required are assessed individually and quoted separately by our team of RS experts and agronomists.

Example of a digitised estate map

Example of a digitised estate map

Geo-referenced maps and aerial images are used for field navigation and locate poorly grown palms for field inspection and growth correction

Geo-referenced maps and aerial images are used for field navigation and locate poorly grown palms for field inspection and growth correction

High-resolution digital terrain model is useful for planning and construction of roads and planting terraces

High-resolution digital terrain model is useful for planning and construction of roads and planting terraces

Digital terrain model for drainage planning

Digital terrain model for drainage planning

Counting of palm stands is much easier with drone images and the results are more accurate and verifiable

Counting of palm stands is much easier with drone images and the results are more accurate and verifiable

Drone images are used for quantifying palm growth (Canopy Size) and assessing planting pattern of oil palms

Drone images are used for quantifying palm growth (Canopy Size) and assessing planting pattern of oil palms