Data & Information Management Services

AAR has a comprehensive data and information management system that stores extensive field-scale agronomic data of oil palm plantations. We are among the first few in the industry that started building a digital database to store historical field data of oil palms in computers when the first graphic interphase Machintosh was introduced in Malaysia late 1980s.

Our relational database management system (AEGIS) stores geo-referenced historical field data and details of factors affecting the potential yield of given sites. It is supplemented with an Integrated Fertiliser Recommendation System (INFERS) that predicts palm growth and calculate required fertilisers site-specifically to optimise use of resources and achieve sustainable yield improvement.

There are two main functions falling under the purview of this section:

  1. Information Management System (IMS) – Gathering, compiling, storing and analysing agronomic data of commercial fields and research data/records of experimental plots.
  2. Information Communication Technology (ICT) – Developing data sharing and information retrieving and viewing platforms to assist agronomists in their advisory work. With new technologies of the IR4.0, this sub-section is also tasked to evaluate and deploy or fabricate sensors, cameras and smart dataloggers to acquire intensive real-time or near real-time data/information for planning and monitoring.

Another unique aspect of our system is the incorporation of a model (ASYP) that compute the Site Yield Potential of any given field for our agronomists and client estates to achieve with corrective inputs. Leveraging the technologies of the IR4.0, our IMS is being augmented with time series spatial data useful for change detection, planning of planting and monitoring of palm growth. It is essentially designed to empower decision makers making data-driven and informed decisions.