Personal Details/Awards/Publications: Patrick Ng Hong Chuan (PN)

Personal Details

University Sains Malaysia (USM)
B.Eng. (Hons.) in Civil Engineering, 1998Imperial College London
M.Sc. (Distn.) in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development, 2007
Job experience

Trainee Engineer, Geahin Engineering   (1997 – 1998)

Assistant Research Officer 1, Applied Agricultural Research Sdn. Bhd.   (1998 – 2002)

Assistant Research Officer 2, Applied Agricultural Research Sdn. Bhd.   (2002 – 2005)

Research Officer, Advanced Agriecological Research Sdn. Bhd.   (2005 – 2010)

Senior Research Officer, Advanced Agriecological Research Sdn. Bhd.   (2010 – 2012)

Principal Research Officer, Advanced Agriecological Research Sdn. Bhd.   (2013 – Present)

Specialty of work
  • GPS/GIS mapping
  • Leveling survey for 3-D generation and spatial analysis
  • Use of soil stabilizers for road construction in oil palm plantations
  • Research on phosphate with emphasis on legumes especially Mucuna bracteata
  • Use of AA+MulchTM in oil palm plantations
Professional activities and societies

Graduate member of IEM (Institution of Engineers Malaysia) and BEM (Board of Engineers Malaysia)

Member of MSSS (Malaysia Soil Science Society)

Current research projects
  • Investigation of optimum P rates for Mucuna bracteata and oil palms on sandy soils Micronutrient application for oil palm on peat soils
  • Evaluation of sources of phosphate rock and t he duration when water soluble P is effective for oil palm
  • Investigation of the effectiveness of AA+ MulchTM and biodegradable mulches in reducing the frequency of fertilizer application on young oil palm plantings
  • Investigation on best fertilizer programme for oil palm nursery with emphasis on organic fertilizers
External research funding and collaborative work
Title: Investigation of optimum P rates for Mucuna bracteata and oil palms on sandy soils
Fund: USD 10,000 / year
Sponsor: IMPHOS (World Phosphate Institute)
Collaborators: UPM (Universiti Putra Malaysia)
Papers published

11 publications.




  • Recipient of the prestigious British Chevening Award – Malaysia Programme 2006 for post-graduate studies in UK.
  • Recipient of best poster award in MSSS 2004 conference.




Edited/Refereed Articles

Books, booklets and book chapters 


Conferences, seminars and workshops (Published) 
Ng, P.H.C., Chew, P.S., Goh, K.J., Gan, H.H. and Heng, Y.C. (2000) Planters toolbox in the 21st century. In: Pushparajah, E. (ed) International Planters Conference on Plantation Tree Crops in the New Millenium: The Way Ahead. Incorporated Society of Planters, Kuala Lumpur: 717-737

Ooi L.H., Tey S.H. and Ng H.C. 2001. Innovations to management practices in oil palm estates. Proc. National Seminar on Strategic Directions for the Sustainability of the Oil Palm Industry. Incorporated Society of Planters. Kota Kinablau, Sabah : 1-9.

AAR Internal Seminars and Field Days (Published) 

Conferences, seminars and workshops (Presented) 
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Ng, P.H.C., Goh, K.J., Chew, P.S., Gan, H.H. and Heng, Y.C. (2002) Planter’s tools for FFB yield maximization. In: ISP Northeast Branch Seminar, 14th October 2002, Incorporated Society of Planters, Kuala Lumpur: Preprint.

Patrick Ng and KJ Goh (2003). Basic principles of fertilizer management in Miri-Bintulu Sarawak. In: MSSS Seminar on Managing Soils of the Miri-Bintulu area, Sarawak (8-11/12/03), Malaysian Society of Soil Science, Kuala Lumpur: Preprint.

Patrick Ng., Chew, P.S., Goh, K.J. and Kee, K.K. (1999). Nutrient requirements and sustainability in mature oil palms – an assessment. In: Seminar on Effective Fertilizer Management, ISP Johor Branch 10/3/99, Kluang, Johor: Preprint.(Republished in The Planter, K.L. 75 (880): 331-345)

Ng PHC, Gan HH and Goh KJ (2004) Soil nutrient changes in Utisols under oil palm in Johor, Malaysia. In: Oils and Fats International Congress (OFIC) 2004 in module on Agriculture, Biotechnology and Sustainability (AB), 29-9 to 2/10 2004, PWTC, Kuala Lumpur: Preprint.

Posters presented at conferences, seminars and workshops 
Ng PHC and Goh KJ (2004) Oil palm does not necessarily exhibit visual toxicity symptoms to excessive fertilizer application. In: Zakaria, Z.Z., Balasundram, S.K., Goh, K.J., Hanafi, M.H., Izham, A., Fauziah, C.I. & Halimi, M.S. (Eds). Proceedings of the Malaysian Society of Soil Science 2004, Malaysian Society of Soil Science, Kuala Lumpur: 121 – 123(Won the best poster award)

Ng P.H.C., Goh K.J., Gan H.H. and Zaharah, A.B. (2005). Impact of phosphate rock on P uptake and dry matter production of mixed legumes under oil palm in Malaysia. . In: Li, C.J., Oenema, O., Zhang, F.S., Peng, S.B., Dobermann, A., Rengel, Z., Hinsinger, P., Shen, Q.R., Lambers, H., Welch, R., Li, X.L., von Wiren, N., Marschner, P., Yan, X.L., Maene, L., Zhu, Y.G. and McGarth, S. (eds) In: Proc. XV International Plant Nutrition Colloquium on Plant Nutrition For Food Security, Human Health And Environmental Protection, Tsinghua University Press, Beijing, China: 1124-1125.

Newsletters, others 
Ng H.C.P. and Tan C. C. 2003. Towards the establishment of a good oil palm planting. Annual Report 2002. Royal Johore Planters’ Association : 22-30.