Laboratory Analytical & Diagnostic Services

AAR maintains a specialist team of Research Officers and technicians to carry out the following comprehensive analytical and diagnostic services needed to support its agronomic advisory work and supplementary adhoc studies which are needed by its Principals and Clients:

1. AAR Field Diagnostic Services
2. AAR Chemistry Laboratory Analysis Services
3. AAR GIS and Remote Sensing Services
4. AAR P&D and Microbiology Lab Diagnostic Services
5. AAR Biotechnology Analytical Services
6. AAR Data & Information Management Services

AAR Field Diagnostic Services

Specially trained AAR staff visit the advisory estates annually to assess palm growth and sample the leaves (and where appropriate, the rachis) and soils with specified standard sampling techniques for chemical analysis. The results are used to diagnose growth and nutrient deficiencies and formulate annual fertiliser recommendations and required corrective inputs. All the diagnostic data, fertilisers applied and yield achieved are collected and stored in AAR’s extensive Agronomic Advisory Database.

Supplementary field observations including drainage status, ground vegetation conditions, field accessibility, pest attacks and disease infections requiring improvements are made as well.

AAR technicians are now equipped with handheld digital recorders to collect geo-referenced field data and sampling details directly for improved integrity and accuracy of data collected.

AAR Chemistry Laboratory

Our commercial chemistry laboratory has been in operation since 1986. We have a team of experienced lab assistants specialize in a wide range of chemical and physical testing for plants and soils and fertilisers. Besides our principals (KLK Berhad and Boustead Plantations Berhad), we also provide commercial nutrient analysis services to external plantation clients and fertilizer companies from Southeast Asia and Oceania Regions.

Our laboratory is MS ISO/ISE 17025:2017 accredited under the Laboratory Accreditation Scheme of Malaysia (SAMM). All our lab personnel are proficient and well-versed in various spectroscopic and analytical techniques necessary to deliver results of the highest quality to our clients. We have a strict legislation to ensure compliance of standard laboratory operating techniques, safety and process assurance of good laboratory practices.

The accuracy and consistency of our chemical analysis results are constantly attested in the Proficiency Testing (PT) Programme held locally and internationally. At the international level of interlaboratory comparison, our testing performance has continued to be accredited by the Wageningen University International Plant Analytical Exchange. We also subscribe to the PT programme established by the Agriculture Laboratory Association of Malaysia (AgLAM) for plant, soil, fertilizer and compost.

We have long been recognised as one of the leading chemistry laboratories in Malaysia. While our reputation in the agricultural industry has been established for more than three decades, we remain committed to deliver precise, accurate, timely and quality results of the highest constancy to our clients.

Average number of leaf, soil, fertiliser and other samples the Chemistry lab analysed in the past 5 years:

Average number of leaf, soil, fertiliser and other samples the Chemistry lab analysed in the past 5 years

Sample preparation for fertiliser testing

Sample preparation for fertiliser testing

Nutrient content determination using NIR

Nutrient content determination
using NIR

Fertiliser nutrient analysis with ICP-OES technique

Fertiliser nutrient analysis with ICP-OES technique