Mr. Chan Weng Hoong

Mr. Chan Weng Hoong

Contact Details :
Applied Agricultural Resources S/B,Locked Bag 212, Sg. Buloh P.O.,47000 Sg. Buloh, Selangor,Malaysia.

Tel. : 6-03-61561152
Fax : 6-03-61561206
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Part-time Consultant of AAR since April 2009. Provide consultancy on oil palm and rubber to both Principal and non principal estates. Previously Section Head of oil palm and rubber, he provides advisory work on oil palm and rubber areas in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Indonesia with an experience that spans more than a decade.

Key Research Interests : His main interest lies in rubber research especially in exploitation and clonal evaluation. Research interest in exploitation includes the evaluation of short cuts while evaluation of the latest Prang Besar and RRIM 2000 series clones is also being conducted.

Have led or directly involved in the development of the following products: AAR jacket system and AAR Rainguard, both of which have been patented.