Nursery: Ordering of Seeds

Placing of Orders

Seeds are usually ordered well in advance of requirement. It is normal to place tentative orders at least one year before delivery subject to confirmation at a date closer to delivery. Delivery must be spread out to provide time for planting out at the optimum age.

Source of Seeds

All germinated seeds, or any other planting materials, should only be purchased from reputable suppliers. Wherever possible seeds should be purchased direct from SIRIM registered producers to be ensured of legitimate and good quality seeds .

Quantity to Order

In determining the quantity to be ordered , the culling rates and various losses (in the nursery and field) will have to be considered in addition to the total palms required in the field. Based on general experience, 175 germinated seeds (27% more) per hectare are sufficient if the field stand is 138 palms per hectare. For a stand of 148 palms/ha, the requirement would be 186 germinated seeds.