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Agronomic Advisory Services GPS/GIS and Remote Sensing Services AA+Mulch
Agronomic visit and drawing up of manuring recommendations.
Undertake leaf and soil sampling and soil survey of estates.
We also provide services in spatial analysis to plantations and are ready to assist you in exploring the advanced yet affordable satellite imaging technology to your benefit. AA + MULCH™ can help you if you have a large replant and have difficulty in keeping up with your circle weeding and frequent manuring rounds in your immature oil palm areas
Esigel Laboratory Analytical Services AA Hybrida I Oil Palm Seeds
ESIGEL is a superior product for latex stimulation based on improved formulation of ethephon prepared by Applied Agricultural Resources Sdn. Bhd.. This formulation incorporating amendments, enhances the efficiency of ethephon by early release of ethylene gas into the tree system. AAR Analytical Laboratory maintains the highest precision for its analytical tests to complement the best agricultural decision making by estates in particular those under our Principals, Messrs Boustead Holdings Berhad and Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad advisory AA DxP Oil Palm Seeds

AA Hybrida 1 – Malaysia Power Brand 2011 Award

The advancement of oil palm breeding