Research and Development Projects: Oil Palm Agronomy

Itegration and development of an oil palm agroecosystem software
Use of expert system and artificial intelligence in pattern recognition and data mining.
Residual effects of fertilisers on mature oil palm (Paloh Estate)
Methods of fertilizer application for oil palm (>10 years old) on steep terrain
To determine the efficiency of AS and N distribution in young mature oil palm using N15 technique
Evaluation of P sources for oil palm on Bungor series
Fertilizer responses of oil palm in Sabah, Malaysia.
Fertilizer response of oil palm in Indonesia.
Investigation on the best fertilizer programme for oil palm nursery
Effects of P sources and rates on undissolved Phosphate rocks in 2 long term oil palm trials.
Multifactorial trial on mature oil palms(Paloh Estate)
Multifactorial trial on clonal plantings in Sabah
Mineralisation study on the oil palm fronds(canopy) during replanting
Plant carbon composition in relation to decomposition rates of various palm components in oil palm agroecosystem
Soil and nutrient losses via erosion and runoff when replanting oil palm
Erosion and runoff studies(S.Kunak)
Quantification of soil and water conserved by silt pits in oil palm plantation
Effects of organic amendments(compost) in planting holes on early growth and yield of oil palms on lateritic soil in a marginal environment
Effects of organic amendments(compost) as a circle mulch on early growth and yield of newly mature palms on a Malacca series soil