Papers : Rubber and Other Crops

Kayaroganam P, Chan W.H. and Ong T.S. 1987. Preliminary observations of dryness incidence in Hevea clones PB260 and PB235. Pahang Planting Association Annual Journal : 41-47

Ong T.S. 1987. Refinement on young budding technique in rubber. Presented at 1987 TPSB Managers Seminar.

Ong T.S. 1988. Corynespora leaf fall disease of Hevea. Paper for TPSB/AAR meeting held on 7 June.

Ong T.S. 1989. Status report of tree dryness survey by AARSB. Presented at IRRDB Workshop on tree dryness – 26-27 June.

Ong T.S. 1989. Further results of cutback height trial in young budding nursery and proposed production schedule for future budding nurseries. Presented at TPSB/AAR meeting on 6 July.

Ong T.S. 1991. Sulphur dusting to control Oidium SLF in rubber estates with knapsack duster. Annual Report. Pahang Planters Assoc.

Ong T.S. 1992. AAR’s experience in sulphur dusting with motorised knapsack duster. Presented at RRIM Colloquium on 12 December.

Ong T.S. 1995. AAR observations and experience in leaf disease control of rubber. Talk delivered at MRPC-AC/RRIM Interactive Meeting at Cinta Sayang Sg. Petani on 23 November.

Ong T.S., Chan W.H. and Heh W.Y. 1997. Towards maximum growth of young rubber with improved planting materials and agronomic practices. Proc. International Planters’ Conference on Plantation Management for the 21st century. Incorporated Society of Planters, Kuala Lumpur : 323-338

Ong T.S. and Chan W.H. 1998. Selection of rubber clones for future replanting-RRIM 2000 series (1st and 2nd Selection) TPSB Managers Conference, Awana, GentingHighlands.

Ooi L.H. and Chew P.S. 1985. The performance of some Malayan Dwarf x Tall coconut hybrids and local coconut varieties on marine clay soil in Peninsular Malaysia.Oleagineux 40(7) : 373-383.

Ooi L.H. and Chew P.S. 1986. Present status and prospects for coconuts. In : Ti T.C. and Yee W. (eds). Proc. IDS Seminar on Revitalization of Industrial Crop Investments in Sabah. Institute for Development Studies (Sabah) : 95-112.

Teoh K.C., Chan K.S. and Chew P.S. 1986. Dry matter and nutrient composition in hybrid coconuts (MAWA) and cocoa on coastal clay soils. Proc. International Conference on cocoa and coconuts : Progress and Outlook. Incorporated Society of Planters, Kuala Lumpur : 819 835.

Teoh K.C., Chan W.H. and Ooi L.H. 1987. Effect of palm oil sludge cake on early growth of newly planted oil palm, rubber and cocoa in the field. The Planter. Incorporated Society of Planters, Kuala Lumpur 62 : 368-382.

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