Sabah Substation Adventure to Borneo Paradise Eco Farm Resort (6-7 June 2009)

Borneo Paradise Eco Farm Resort, Kunak, Sabah from 6-7/6/2009

How many of us would be game enough to put our life on the line of fire or face the likelihood of being abducted by some guerillas in some remote jungle? According to news report, in October 2003, a group of Abu Sayyaf gunmen stormed the Paradise farm resort and kidnapped six of its workers. Four were released eight months later after negotiations and a ransom of RM200,000 was paid out while two others died while languishing in their hands. There were also a few cases where fishermen off the Phillipine waters suffered the same fate.

Well, nearly twenty of our staff from Nak, Sri Kunak and KDC made that adventurous trip to Borneo Paradise Eco Farm Resort for their 2009 Sports Club activities.The farm is situated just 45 km from Lahad Datu.Smacked right in the middle of the rainforest, Borneo Eco Resort boasts of its natural beauty, vegetation and habitat- a great place for recreation and to enjoy the many outdoor activities such as visiting the deer & horse farm, fishing, kayaking, fox-flying, a game of sepak takraw just to mention a few.

Breakfast at the Wang Cafe before heading for their adventure (this owner knows what’s in a name)

An Aerial view of the Resort

Unspoilt nature

– staff cruising along the river and kayaking

– fishing for their dinner

– visting our animal friends

– fox-flying and a game of sepak takraw

Tucking into their food after a hard day’s work

– a game of congkak to while away the time or head to the nearest “pub” to chill out

The men & women’s dorms. Lights out please …. and Sweet Dreams